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  Florida International Business Service
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Florida International Business Service (FIBS)

is an international manufacturing, trade and business service company in Florida. It is located in Tampa bay area and is owned by American minority. FIBS has been successfully developed its business since 1999. The most international business of FIBS is between U.S. and China, few in the other areas.

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New Patent achieved---US 7,611,203 B1 (Patient Chair Lift)

A chair has a seat portion and a back portion which is movable between a lowered orientation on the floor and a raised orientation. It will help nurse assistants lifting heavy weight patients from ground to bed. The seat can be taken off without any tool to allow the top hook to be used easily in some cases. The lift is powered by rechargeable battery with a remote control handle. The machine is made with light weight Aluminum alloy and is easy to use. The inventors have made a prototype. It can lift 500 Lbs from ground to 3 feet height within 30 seconds. The inventors welcome investors to join this project and to put this product to the market

chair lifter


New Patent Product: Showerdent website has been launched!!

Click on the picture to see showerdent product


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